Live Painting at Weddings


Franklynn and Thomas

In the beauty and tenderness of Franklynn and Thomas's wedding, I captured the moment they washed each other's feet during the ceremony. Both wore dazzling smiles and gorgeous humility in their love for one another.

Ashley and Derek

They spoke their vows at a lovely willow tree, surrounded by water features, friends, and family. And they didn't wait to dance.


Allison and Erik

A sweet little chapel was the backdrop for this very moving wedding ceremony. And they said their precious dogs weren't allowed onsite, but art is more flexible; they wanted their dogs included in their big day.

Live Painting to Music

Hurricane Bass wm.jpg

Hurricane Bass

Created at the Sapphire Room to live jazz, this original was purchased for a graduation present to a young musician. (Acrylic, 36x36", original sold, prints available)


I began painting this with no clear idea of what I could be creating, simply responding to the music. Rakalam Bob Moses was the drummer that night with my friend Justin "Fingers" Nielsen on piano. When I was finished, there was a curvy keyboard, defying order and breaking planes of all linear thinking. I have created several new commissions for people based on this piece. (Acrylic, 24x36", original sold, prints available)

Crescendo wm.jpg


In this intimate house show under the warm glow of light, Chicago drummer Kobie Watkins had center stage. I knelt on the floor to paint this from the very front row from start to finish. Kobie's sensitivity and love of collaborating with others is an inspiration to me. (Acrylic, 16x20", original for sale)


Auctioned off for $2500 to benefit Surel's Place, I painted this on stage when artist in residency Dave Eggar starred on cello this night, with his friend Andrew Nemr tap dancing and Chuck Palmer on percussion. I painted this image on a canvas that has a microphone attached to it, and even did a bit of call and response, trading 4's with my friend Andrew using my paint brush as a percussive instrument as I added bright strokes of color. (Acrylic, 48 x 60", original sold, prints available)

Live Painting Jazz Bassist 2019.jpg

The Bass Player

At the Idaho Plein Air Festival I painted and sold this piece while listening to the band play. The bassist caught my eye with the relaxed way he was in harmony with his instrument and the fascination he held for his musical creations. (Watercolor, 11x14", original sold, prints available)