FREE SHIPPING. Choose 8x10" for $30, or 12x16" for $60. I put a lot of love and time into this one. 💕I painted it to be destroyed. I started by painting this live at my church, without knowing why I was making all those hundreds of squares, the face of Christ in many beautiful colors, even in his eyes. Later, my pastor asked if I had a painting for our Stations of the Cross that Easter. I knew this was the one. I sealed and varnished the painting, and put it into the section called “Christ Dies” and left written instructions for our congregation to choose a square on the painting and color it with black tempera paint that I provided in a jar. Each person mournfully obliterated their part of the image of Christ as they walked through in silence. It was very hard for them to ruin a painting they'd seen created live. Then, the day before Easter, I snuck in and washed off the black tempera paint in the sink, and installed the painting at the end of our church's art gallery. The congregation was utterly surprised to see it on Easter morning. His colorful eyes get me the most. "Though the Darkness Hide Thee” is a line from "Holy Holy Holy," a classic hymn reminding us God's glory endures forever. 

"Though the Darkness Hide Thee" (Art Print)

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