Original sold. Choose 8x10" or 12x16". This art was created live, destroyed, then resurrected. I painted it live at my church using hundreds of squares in beautiful colors. My pastor asked if I had art for Stations of the Cross that Easter. I sealed and varnished this painting and put it into the station called “Christ Dies,” leaving written instructions to choose a square and obscure it with black tempera paint that I provided in a jar. Each person mournfully destroyed one part of this image of Christ as they walked through in silence-- it was hard to ruin the painting they'd watched me create. Then, the day before Easter, I snuck into church, washed off the black paint in the sink, and installed the cleaned-off painting in the center of our church's art gallery. The congregation was elated to see what they'd destroyed, now more beautiful than ever. "Though the Darkness Hide Thee” is a lyric from "Holy Holy Holy," a classic hymn in churches everywhere.

Though the Darkness Hide Thee (Print) 8x10" or 12x16"